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Could you please explain why "The spindle whorl and the center of the drivewheel should make a line roughly parallel to the edge of the charkha box."? As that was new to me, I tried it out, but I found I'm happier if the lower part of the driveband is parallel to the edge of the box. However, I don't have a book charkha, but a box charkha, i. e. the slightly bigger model - maybe that makes a difference.

Happy spinning! Klara

Klara, I am so sorry I didn't see this question until now. (I don't know why I didn't get a notification. I may need to check my spam settings.)

The reason you need the parallel line is to allow the spindle to spin freely between both arms of the assembly that holds it in place. If there's an angle between the two, the spindle whorl will rub against one of the arms and the charkha simply won't work correctly.

I don't know about box charkhas, so I certainly respect your observations. The main thing is that the spindle whorl must be able to spin unimpeded in the middle of the assembly. When you get that happening, then you've got the correct positioning for your particular wheel.

I have just purchased a n indian book charkha spinning wheel and thank you a million time for the fantastic well done video on tips and techniques! I am almost there!
From a grateful heart .......and I love this spinning book!

I was wondering if you can spin cotton balls on a charkha.

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